spring activities

Springtime in Austin is a great time of the year to be active and enjoy time outdoors with loved ones. Although spring activities may look different than years before, there are still countless ways to spend time with family and enjoy the beautiful weather. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ways to enjoy springtime in Austin while following recommended social distancing guidelines.

Test Your Greenthumb

One of our favorite spring activities gardening. The mild weather is forgiving and makes starting a flower bed or vegetable garden a breeze. This year, go above and beyond by building your own garden box or unique landscaping design. Not only is this a great outdoor activity, but it’s also fun and educational for family members of all ages. 

Build an Obstacle Course

A great way to get creative and active with the whole family is to build a mini obstacle course in your home or backyard. Test your balancing skills, reflexes and more while engaging the entire family. This is especially great for children as it sharpens their motor skills and kickstarts their imagination. 

Get Crafty

No matter the weather, you can’t go wrong with old-fashioned arts and crafts. You can find dozens of fun, simple ideas online but a few of our favorites include sidewalk chalk art, tye-dye and building and decorating birdhouses. 

Create a Butterfly Garden

Butterfly season is in full force making now a great time to test your gardening skills and create a butterfly garden. This project can be as elaborate as you’d like but can be as simple as planting some butterfly-friendly plants in a secluded part of your garden. We love to check every morning for new chrysalis and start a countdown for them to hatch. Although this activity is fun for all ages, it’s a great way to bring science outside the classroom and teach children about the butterfly life cycle.