Benefits of High-Rise Living

Simple yet Elaborate Downtown Austin Living

More than ever, Austinites are opting for high-rise living in the heart of downtown. Although a 5,000 square foot house resting on three acres of land sounds idealistic, the reality is that this picture-perfect home comes with quite a bit of upkeep. High-rises, on the other hand, offer residents a much simpler lifestyle with an exceptional amount of benefits, such as 24-hour concierge services, onsite fitness centers and upscale pool amenities, just to name a few.

The demographic of high-rise residents has expanded over the recent years. What was once viewed as a lifestyle for the elderly has significantly expanded to include everyone from empty nesters to families with young children to newly-weds. This expansion in demographic is due to what everyone wants – simplification of an elaborate lifestyle. Downtown high-rises offer luxury without upkeep, expansive views of the Austin skyline, and are conveniently located within walking distance to some of the city’s top restaurants and entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to live this, streamlined, easy way of life?

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