Fall in Austin is a great time of the year to spend time outdoors. But when the frigid winter air does finally roll in, it’s nice to have a cozy place to retreat and bundle up with friends and loved ones. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite winter design trends that require minimal effort and will help transform your home into a winter wonderland.

winter design

Wallpaper has made a comeback and is here to prove that there’s more to it than what you remember from your grandmother’s house. You can easily make a dramatic transformation in any space with the addition of a unique wallpaper. Today, you can find wallpaper in an infinite amount of patterns and textures making it easy to incorporate it into your existing style. We recommend avoiding the traditionally “icy” winter palette and opting for warm colors such as dark shades of red, orange, and gold. This simple transition to warm colors will turn any room into a cozy and comforting oasis.

Outdoors Indoors

It can be challenging to go through the bleak winter months without seeing any lush greenery or blooming foliage. During the winter, we like to spend a little extra time creating floral arrangements and tending to indoor plants to bring liveliness back into any space. The addition of a few small houseplants or fresh flowers will instantly transform a room by bringing a sense of warmth and home. Though this is especially nice during the chillier month, this winter design tip can be enjoyed year-round to create a more homey atmosphere.


Although it may seem laborious to change out your rugs and drapes with the seasons, this small element in a room can make a dramatic difference. If your space tends to have a light and airy feel, you may find that you enjoy the warmth of darker hues during the winter months. We love to replace neutral rugs and drapes for dramatic alternates. For example, swapping a cream palette for rich browns and golds or a light blue palette for deep emeralds and sapphire.

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