What to Look for In a Realtor


Choosing the perfect real estate agent can be just as important as choosing the perfect home. Working with the right person can make buying or selling a breeze, but if you end up with an agent who doesn’t meet your expectations, the process can become tedious. Below are a few important questions to consider when looking for a real estate agent.

How long have they been in real estate?

Experience is KEY in real estate. Selecting an agent containing a large portfolio, that includes all types of transactions, is a great attribute to look for.

What is their average number of clients?

In other words, will this realtor have time for you? If you know that you are looking for constant contact and undivided attention, working with a realtor whose portfolio is overflowing with clients may not be the best fit. It’s important to work with someone whose pace and expectations match your own.

What markets do they represent?

Your agent should not only have experience, but they should also have expertise in your particular market. Working with someone who is knowledgable on the neighborhood, school districts, and surrounding attractions is important. Your agent should be able to give you a VIP tour of the area and ensure that you are buying or selling for a fair price.

What type of communication should you expect from them?

A realtors communication style might be a bit more hands-off than your accustomed to. Be sure to ask up front how often they intend to communicate with you. If their answer doesn’t match your needs, see if they’d be willing to adjust, and if not, consider finding someone who can meet your communication requirements.

Are they equipped to handle your unique situation?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for your next investment property, each real estate transaction comes with its own unique circumstances. Working with an agent who is well versed in situations such as your own can prepare you for any bumps along the road.

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