virtual tour

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves continuing to adapt and rework our business practices. At Roxan Coffman Properties, the safety of our clients and team members is of the uppermost importance. Therefore, we have limited all client and industry interaction to video and audio conferencing, even our home tours have gone digital. Though it may sound like a no-brainer to create a virtual tour of your home, there are a few key components that will elevate the quality of your tour and set you apart from others on the market. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help you stage your home for a virtual tour. 

Invest In A Few Filming Essentials

With today’s technology, high quality virtual tours can be successfully filmed using a smartphone or tablet. In order to increase your production value and set your tour apart from the rest, we recommend investing in a few filming accessories for your phone. High on our list would be a stabilizing device. This will help keep the camera from shaking or bouncing up and down as you walk through the home, producing a clean and professional quality video. Additionally, if your home lacks natural light or is not well let we recommend purchasing a small light that can clip onto your phone to help illuminate the space. 


Just like any other home tour, you will need to prepare for your virtual tour by decluttering and deep cleaning your home. Be sure to put your home’s best foot forward and tuck away any unsightly items or unnecessary clutter. Not only will this help your home look tidy and well -maintained, it will also ensure that viewers aren’t getting hung up looking at the items on your counter rather than your spacious kitchen or walk-in closet. 

Learn Your Angles

It may take a couple of attempts to find the best course for your tour, and it may take even a few more tries to learn the best angle to film each room from. However, filming from the most flattering angles and walking through in the most cohesive way can elevate your virtual tour immensely. Try to be conscious of not filming yourself in a mirror, cutting off large portions of a room and have everyone in the house wait outside or out of sight while filming. 

Let The Home Do The Talking

Though some commentary can aid in the visualization of your home’s floor plan, most buyers would prefer to watch a virtual tour without too much commentary. We recommend limiting commentary to mentions of which room you are entering or highlighting very unique features of the home such as heated tiles or a hidden room. Any additional notes would be great to include in the description of the home or along with still photos. 

Looking for assistance with your virtual home tour and putting your home on the market? Call Roxan Coffman Properties today to speak with our team of experts.