As we continue to spend more time at home than ever before, now is a great time to tackle your home makeover. Although a total overhaul is sometimes needed, most interiors can be updated by incorporating a few new pieces and a coat of paint. We’ve gathered a few, simple interior design trends that are sure to spruce up your home this summer.

Layering Old and New

Gone are the days of walking into a furniture store and outfitting an entire room in your home. Instead, take time to curate your space by layering old and new items. If you’re planning on purchasing new furniture pieces, consider incorporating antique accents and displaying items unique to your taste and lifestyle. A great way to do this is by purchasing bespoke souvenirs while traveling to help tell the story of your family and experiences. 

Fun Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with interior design and have fun with bold colors, materials, and wallpaper. The small space also helps to keep the project budget-friendly as it limits the amount of materials needed. One of our favorite looks is bold, floral wallpaper and bronze fixtures and finishings. 


With extra time at home these days, it’s easier than ever to remember to take care of your houseplants. Whether you go all-in with a fiddle leaf fig or start small with an assortment of succulents or pothos, house plants help give personality and another layer to a space. We also love that the planters act as another vessel to show your style and tie in your design elements.

Rattan / Wicker

Though you may still think of your grandmother’s sunroom, rattan and wicker furniture is having a moment. This classic, chic style has been revamped with contemporary forms and unexpected pieces such as light fixtures. We love to see these pieces incorporated to balance modern and traditional styles. An added bonus is that it easily ties into the trend of layering old and new elements in your home. We recommend searching vintage shops and bespoke furniture purveyors for refurbished pieces.  

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