Summer 2019 home design trends are full of fabulous ideas to bring your home to its fullest potential. Home design trends can be intimidating but do not fret! Roxan Coffman Properties has put together a list of the top Summer 2019 trends for you to try.

design trends

Sustainability is key this year and major designers are jumping on the bandwagon. Going green has never been more chic or accessible. When choosing new design elements, look for materials which have been recycled, are made locally, or use sustainable production methods such as natural dyes. If shopping for new appliances, keep an eye out for the Energy Star rating to ensure you are choosing the most efficient and environmentally friendly product on the market.

Raw & Unfinished

Raw and unfinished furniture and design elements are back in demand and come in many shapes and sizes. Some of our favorites are natural wood furniture, handmade pottery, and exposed light fixtures. Often these pieces are handcrafted meaning great craftsmanship and longer lifespans.

Mix & Match Patterns

The key to nailing this fun design trend is to make sure that the patterns you incorporate are the same tonally and nothing makes too bold of a statement. If this goes against your instinct, start small by incorporating throw pillows and gradually build your way up to rugs, artwork, or even wallpaper.

Neutral Does Not Mean Boring

Long gone are the days where a pop of color is mandatory in every room. Dare to be bold with neutral and monochromatic pallets and rooms full of black and white. This design trend has quickly become a favorite as it allows for architectural and other design elements to shine. One of our favorite rooms to implement this is in the kitchen with white subway tiles, quartz countertops, and eggshell cabinetry.


Layering textures is a great way to bring depth and flair to a room. A textured rug under a tufted sofa with beaded throw pillows work together to add dimension to your space. Textured elements can be small such as decorative pillows or a centerpiece, or they can be much more prominent such as a rug or large piece of art.
Summer is a great time to test out new design trends and start home improvement projects. If youโ€™re looking for your next dream home, call Roxan Coffman Properties today.