We have taken a full step into the new year, which means the enthusiasm for those resolutions might be starting to dwindle. Luckily, Spring is the perfect time to reboot your lifestyle – and your home is a great place to start. Whether you see a need for large changes or small touch-ups, there are many efficient ways to make your home reflect the tone of the upcoming season. We have put together a list of ways that will help your home “spring-forward” and bring buyers in.

spring home
Remember Your “Curb Appeal”

First impressions matter, and that happens the second buyers pull up to your house.  Potential buyers have an expectation that the exterior of your home should meet. A landscaper will make sure your lawn is crisp and foliage is neat and lively. A good power wash of walkways and your front porch will give an instant “new” feel. With regard to the front porch, treat yourself with a trip to the nursery to fill planters which will help frame your entrance.  

spring home

You can’t do spring without spring cleaning. Allow yourself the time to put away all your winter coats to declutter your closet and bedroom space. This is also the ideal opportunity to deep clean kitchen appliances and forgotten corners. An organized home will impress buyers, but a spotless home will ensure maximum appeal. For your bathrooms and countertops, minimalism is the key. Invest in a few clever organizational tools to help keep things tucked away in drawers and cupboard space.

spring home
Freshen Up The Scents

Bring the fresh scents of spring into your home, but make sure not to go over the top. A Floral scented candle or reed-diffuser are perfect ways to add subtle décor and brighten the mood of your home. You can also employ your craftiness by making a flower arrangement or bowls of fresh fruit for your kitchen. A useful tip: lemon can act as a natural deodorant for certain smells. 

spring home
Bring In Color      

Let yourself feel inspired by the colorful hues of spring, and bring those inspirations into your living spaces. Swap out your heavy blankets for light throws. Change up the mood of your living room this year with colorful accents that match the tone of your living space. Think accent pillows, rugs, and table décor that will add stylish comfort. Don’t forget about lighting. Pulling back the curtains will not only add natural light but also create harmony between nature and the interior spaces of your home.  

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