As Spring nears, one begins to realize the amount of clutter the holidays and winter months have brought into our homes. Spring is the perfect time to purge unnecessary clutter, re-organize, and deep clean your home to for the new season. A room that often collects the most clutter is kids’ playrooms. Playrooms easily accumulate dozens of new games and toys that leave your organization methods in shambles. We put together some of our favorite ways to give your playroom the Marie Kondo refresh it needs this Spring.

Keep, Donate, Trash

This step is not for the sentimentalist and might be easier to accomplish while your little ones are in school or napping. Kickstart your organizing by sorting through everything in the room and decide if it’s something you should keep, toss, or donate. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the future of each item, but do make sure you’re making thoughtful choices to keep clutter at a minimum.

Everything Needs a Home

The easiest way to ensure that everything gets put back in its place after a day of play is to make sure that everything has a home to return to. This can be something as simple as shelves lined with baskets or open tubs that allow for larger toys to be tucked away. Although intricate organization systems might seem more visually appealing, try not to overcomplicate things or make them too complex for the children who will be tidying up.

Get Creative

For play areas that also doubles as an entertainment area for guests and family members, furniture that includes discrete storage is always a great option. Great examples include coffee tables or seating that can lift or open and end tables with small cabinets.

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