Top 5 Repairs Austin Sellers Should Consider Completing Before Selling in Spring

Spring hasn’t sprung yet, but for Austin Sellers, the hottest time of year to put your home on the market is right now. Those considering listing need to be familiar with necessary repairs to make their home stand out to potential buyers.

Before beginning repairs, it’s critical to understand what other comparable homes in your neighborhood have sold for. Meet with your agent to discuss recent sales and create a strategic plan to prepare your home. To help your home sparkle like the diamond it is, here are the top five repairs Austin sellers should consider before the buzzing spring season:

1. Flooring

Because flooring flows throughout, it’s key to make the most of this big opportunity to create a cohesive feel. Real hardwood floors strike a chord with buyers, and it’s worth the investment to refinish or polish depending on what your floors need.

In high-traffic areas, such as entry ways and hallways, worn carpet should be replaced with neutral carpet. Change out any damaged tiles, and clean or repair grout. Buyers expect pristine conditions, and if they step on cracks or shuffle over stains, it could mean a much lower offer.

2. Kitchen Accessories

In Austin, 89 percent of the costs of a minor kitchen remodel can be recouped, according to the 2018 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of REALTORS®.

What’s included in a minor update? The short list includes upgrading countertops, installing improved cabinet hardware, modernizing backsplash tile, and replacing older or failing appliances for energy-efficient models. With a small expense in the heart of the home, you’ll see dollars flow back while attracting more eyes with incredible listing photos.

3. Structural and Mechanical Components

Is an AC unit or water heater near the end of its life? Have a nagging roof concern? Schedule an inspection with the appropriate professional, then if necessary move forward with any repairs or replacements. If you take care of these foundational items now it can help avoid surprises during the option period and inspection process.

Although roofs, air conditioners, electrical panels, and other fundamental home details can be expensive, including any of these as updated on your listing is a major plus for potential buyers, which could be the difference between your home and the competition.

4. Exterior Elements

From fencing and concrete to landscaping and sprinklers, don’t ignore the exterior because it’s outside. Rid the home of rot, clean and/or retile the pool, and ensure landscaping includes exquisite flowers. Make certain trees are trimmed away from the roof.

Magnificent curb appeal is essential. Details like cracked concrete or dead landscaping, that potential buyers may see before ever entering a home, must be addressed before listing. Exterior flaws can add up and remember first impressions are everything!

5. Deep Cleaning

Return your home to radiance by jumping in early on your cleaning checklist. Power wash surfaces like patios, decks, garages, and driveways to rid your home of mildew and grease stains. Also be sure to address items that gather dust and debris like baseboards, windows, walls, doors, backsplash tile, kitchen appliances, and bathrooms.

Get on top of these repairs now to take advantage of Austin’s optimal spring selling season. You’ll create that astounding “wow” factor buyers crave, and more importantly, have your home off the market and sold in less time.

What repairs are you taking care of before you sell this spring? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!