How to Pull Off a Monochromatic Room

As Spring approaches, homeowners tend to look for a refresh of their living spaces. If wanting to make a bold change, a monochromatic color scheme might be just what you’re looking for. This trend can be easily tackled by incorporating new accessories and accents to your space.


Choosing The Right Color

The most vital element of successfully achieving a monochromatic design is choosing the right color. You don’t want to go too bold and over the top, but you also don’t want to play it so safe that the room becomes sterile. A few good options include soft grays, shades of blue and neutrals hues. These colors will work idealy in almost any home, especially those that have an overall traditional design.


Start Small

To test this trend in your new home, start with small accent pieces that tie the room together. This could be as simple as a few throw pillows and a framed piece of art with a set color scheme. Once you feel confident with the look, start adding other bold pieces such as a rug and colorful furniture that will make the room pop.


Texture Is The Key To Success

A space that is washed over with a limited color palette can quickly become bland and underwhelming. To accent different shades and elements of the room be sure to incorporate several textural elements. Some simple ways to incorporate texture into a monochromatic design are with braided rugs, patterned wallpaper, and chairs and sofas with brass tackings.

Incorporating a bold design trend into your home such as a monochromatic theme is a great way to refresh your home this spring. If you’re looking to make an even bigger change, call or email us today to discuss how Roxan Coffman Properties can help find your next dream home.