Packing Tips For Moving

Once the stress of buying or selling a home has subsided, the reality of packing for a big move soon sets in. It can be overwhelming to imagine a lifetime of belongings being neatly arranged in cardboard boxes however, it can be done. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite packing and moving tips to make the big day a breeze and unpacking even easier. 

Pack One Room At A Time

To avoid confusion while unpacking, start packing one room or area of your home at a time. This will help items stay organized and make it easier to unpack the essential items instead of digging through boxes once you’ve arrived at your new home. 

Label Everything 

Before you tape a box shut, make note of what’s inside and make sure that it’s written clearly on the sides and top of each box. Again, this step will make it easier to find more essential items when unpacking and prevent you from rummaging through boxes. Moving with children? This task is a great way to help your kids feel involved in the packing process. 

Come Prepared

We recommend purchasing materials designed for moving, such as moving boxes and packing paper, rather than using recycled grocery store boxes and newspaper. Although we fully support recycling, we feel that these substitutes can leave your belongings dirty or damaged and ultimately cost you more in the long run. In addition, using boxes of various shapes and sizes can make it difficult to load and unload the moving truck. 

Not Everything Belongs In A Box

Some items are too delicate or important to be boxed up, especially if you are moving long-distance where your items will take time to ship. We recommend transporting items such as heirlooms, legal documents, important papers or photographs, and other valuables separate from the rest of your belongings. This will ensure their safety as well as help you keep track of them once you’ve arrived in your new home. 

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