moving during holidays

Moving during the holiday season is certainly not ideal, but there are several ways to stay organized, on budget, and in a festive spirit if you plan accordingly. Below are our top five tips for moving during the holidays that are sure to make any holiday move a jolly one. 

Two Birds, One Stone

Multitasking is a must when tackling a move during the holidays. A great chore you can check off your list is sharing your updated address with friends and family by way of a holiday card. This can simply mean sending a card with your new address listed on the return label or listing the address as your new residence in the new year. 

Book In Advance

Although the holidays may not be peak moving season, moving companies’ availability may be scarce due to holiday obligations. We recommend booking your movers and any other accommodations well in advance to ensure availability. 

Avoid Busy Travel Days

Along with booking movers in advance, we also recommend being wary of traditionally busy travel days during the holiday season. This includes dates surrounding Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Super Saturday (the Saturday before Christmas), and New Year’s as these are popular dates for holiday travel as well as busy shopping days that can congest roads. Not only will this help prevent the headache of traffic but it can also keep moving expenses to a minimum if you are paying your movers hourly. 

Donate Seasonal Items 

For most, moving is a great time to purge unnecessary items around the house. The holidays provide a great opportunity to give to those in need. Items can include anything from unwanted clothing to gently used toys and furniture. Depending on the size of your donation, some organizations are willing to send a team of movers to come to collect your donated items making the process even easier. 

Minimize Decorations 

Depending on your moving date, it would likely make things easier to resist decorating at all. However, we believe you can still put up a few strategic decorations that will keep you in the holiday spirit. We recommend minimizing fragile decorations and sticking with garland and a tree decorated simply with lights and ribbon. We also recommend skipping elaborate outdoor decorations and opting for a wreaths or small bows on front lanterns. 

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