Ways To Support Austin During COVID-19


During these times of uncertainty, hundreds of local businesses both big and small have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. Now more than ever, Austinites need to stay connected and come together to support our community. Below are a few ways that you can continue to support local businesses from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Order Delivery

Is Wednesday your usual date night out? Planning on a Taco Tuesday but don’t have the ingredients at home? Use this time at home as an opportunity to try your neighborhood’s delivery options. In most cases, delivery fees are waived or curbside pick-up is available which means those few dollars that would typically apply towards fees can be used as a tip for the service industry workers.

Purchase Gift Cards

With nonessential businesses closed, many local entrepreneurs are in dire need of revenue. Though we will not be able to patron our favorite local establishments for quite some time, you can still show your support in the form of gift cards or advance payments for your services. A great example would be paying in advance for your haircut that’s scheduled for next week or purchasing a few classes at a local workout studio to use once it reopens. 

Shop Local

Though there are many things that we unavoidably need to purchase online from big-box stores, there are some items that you may be able to purchase locally through online shops. In response to the mandated closings, many businesses have established online shops. A few items that you could purchase locally include merch from your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, cocktail kits from your favorite bar or gifts from local boutiques. 

Donate Your Time or Resources

Though we can all give in our own way and amount, we should each try to give what we can during these challenging times. Several funds have been established and are accepting donations in support of service industry workers or those laid off. If you cannot give monetarily, consider donating your time at a local food bank or animal shelter. Other ways you can support your community include donating blood, sharing extra resources such as toilet paper or sanitizing products and, most importantly, staying home.