How Important Are Listing Photos?

Listing Photos Are KEY

When it comes time to sell a home or prepare a property for lease it is essential to have great listing photos in order to be successful. The right images will help potential buyers and tenants get a feel for your home before they even step foot onto the property. Bottom line, listing photos can make or break a listing especially in today’s digital world.

listing photos

Work WITH A Professional Photographer

Although most people carry smart phones and can take quick snapshots without the cost of hiring a pro, the quality of the images do not compare to a DSLR camera. Professional photographers have state of the art equipment and special camera lenses that can capture the best image of your space. They are also skilled in photo editing and making sure that the space you are photographing has the optimal amount of lighting and color quality.

listing photos

Staging your space for Success

Before you hire a professional photographer to shoot your space it is important to have your home in order. Spaces need to be properly cleaned and decluttered so that they photograph seamlessly.  If your space is already vacated staging it with furniture or accents that are aesthetically pleasing will help the home photograph well and will entice potential buyers.

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