Is a House or Condo Right For You?

There are many factors that come into play when deciding between purchasing a home or condo. Austin residents are fortunate enough to have the options of high-rise condos, sprawling estates, and everything in-between when looking to move. With multiple styles of dwellings, all in close proximity to the action of downtown, it can be difficult to decide which living format best fits your needs. Gathered below is useful information if you are deciding between a house or condo.

house or condo

For families, a house with a yard in a safe community is typically a better fit in comparison to living in the heart of downtown. A home in one of Austin’s many neighborhoods can include a backyard or ample outdoor space for a family and their pets to enjoy. Purchasing a home also means freedom to renovate or convert spaces to your liking. Although in the Austin market a home in a central location may be a pricier option, if you are willing to invest in your property this may be the best option for you.

For empty-nesters and young professionals, maintaining a home may not be an option and extra space may not be required. There are many luxury condominiums found in the downtown area as well as townhouse-style condominiums in North and South Austin. Living in a condo may be expensive but the lack of maintenance and upkeep required can outweigh other factors.  
Choosing a condo versus a home ultimately boils down to what your current needs and ownership goals are. Call Roxan Coffman Properties today for one of our agents to help you with your house or condo search that best fits your needs.