Thinking of putting your home on the market? We recommend accomplishing at least ten of the twelve items on this home selling checklist. Together, these small changes will have a huge impact on the appeal of your home to potential buyers. 

home selling checklist

Check Your Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home makes the first impression on potential buyers. Make sure it’s a good one and give some TLC to those pesky outdoor chores. Pressure wash the driveway, repaint the front door, spruce up the landscaping and clean light fixtures. 

Clean Sweep

It can be challenging for potential buyers to look past another persons’ belongings. Take time to declutter your home by boxing up nicknacks and decorative items and storing extra furniture that may be making your home feel smaller. 

Personal Touch 

Similarly to decluttering your home, removing family photographs or personalized belongings is an important step to help potential buyers visualize themselves in your home. Be careful not to overdo it and make the home feel cold and uninviting. 

Neutral Tones

Repainting a home can be a large project to tackle, but it can definitely be rewarding. Considering painting rooms that feature a bold color palette to a more neutral color. In doing so, you’re preventing potential buyers from getting hung up on the color of a room rather than how spacious it is or the amount of natural light. 

Buff Out Scuffs

If repainting an entire room isn’t in your budget or timeline, consider touching up areas that have excessive wear and tear like scuffs or dirt. A fresh coat of paint on baseboards and molding can brighten up a room and make a huge difference. 

Tie up Loose Ends

Small improvements have a huge impact on potential buyers’ perception of your home. Take time to replace lightbulbs, tighten loose doorknobs or cabinetry handles. 

Add Some Life to the Space

Adding a few houseplants throughout your home can instantly liven up a room and make it feel more inviting. We recommend choosing plants that require little maintenance and that don’t produce a perfumey scent that some home buyers may be sensitive to. 

Pass the Odor Test

We can quickly become nose blind to the odors lurking in our homes. Before inviting potential buyers into your home, ask a neighbor or friend to give you an honest report on if there any odors lingering. We recommend getting to the root of the issue rather than trying to mask it with scent diffusers or sprays which can often times amplify the odor. 

To the Dog House 

If you’re able, find another place for Fido to stay while you show your home. If you can’t find a solution for the extent of the showing period, consider taking them out of the house during the day to keep them out of sight from potential buyers. Although many people are fond of animals, most do not want to purchase a home that previously had a pet in fear of lurking odors or damages. 

Hide Any Valuables

Be conscious of any valuable items you have in your home and put items away for safekeeping if you feel that they may find their way home with sticky fingers. We recommend keeping these items in a safe or stored offsite in a secure facility. 

Consider Staging 

If you’ve vacated your property before it sells we strongly recommend investing in staging to attract buyers. It can be challenging for potential buyers to visualize a space without any furniture in it. Staging eliminates one more hurdle for buyers to overcome. 

Find a Great Agent

Make sure your home sells for what it’s worth by working a trusted and experienced Realtor. Our team of experts at Roxan Coffman Properties would love to learn more about your property and help you get it ready for the competitive Austin market.