New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

With the New Year providing a fresh start and clean slate, now is the perfect opportunity to set goals for both you and your home. As with any resolution, tackling too much at once can make it difficult to succeed. Instead of taking on a total overhaul of your home, consider making small changes and reaching your home improvement goals one room at a time. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite home-centric New Year’s resolutions that are sure to help you accomplish your goals in the new year.


De-Clutter Room By Room

Set aside some time throughout the month to do a deep dive into your junk drawers and overcrowded closets. By taking on one room or project at a time you’ll be more likely to stay on track and avoid stress. Re-evaluate how you store your belongings and consider organization methods that match your lifestyle.

Set a Cleaning “Schedule”

Tidying up the house can be overwhelming when your chore list includes cleaning everything from floor to ceiling. Avoid spending every Saturday cleaning and set small chores to accomplish each day throughout the week. Here is a great example of a “chore calendar”.

Tackle Bigger Projects One at a Time

Some chores are much larger than others and require a lot more time and money to accomplish. Don’t let this deter you from finishing 2019 with your dream home. Instead of shying away from the big projects that will drastically improve your house, take on each task as you can. For example, clean the gutters or replace the pool pump this month and tackle new flooring or fresh paint in the Spring.

This year, transform your house into your dream home by implementing change and taking on projects in a timely manor. Remember to set achievable goals and help yourself stay on track by matching your organization methods to your lifestyle.

Happy New Year from the Roxan Coffman Properties Team! Contact us today to find your next dream home.