Whether purchasing new construction or an older home, an inspection is an instrumental part of the home buying process. The small expense of a home inspection can save you time, money, and feelings of stress. Below are home inspection benefits and reasons you should always have one before purchasing.

home inspection
What’s Hiding Behind The Walls?

Even when purchasing new construction, one can never tell the exact condition properties are in no matter how exquisite the exterior. Wiring, plumbing, and structural issues are not visible from the exterior and can become very costly to repair. A home inspection will provide an expert opinion on the condition of important elements.

Think Big Picture

The cost of a home inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense but think about the big picture. Would you rather pay for an inspection fee or for the cost of rewiring or installing proper drainage? Don’t consider a home inspection fee as an added cost, but rather as part of the home purchase price.

Negotiation Power

Anyone who’s purchased a home understands the power of negotiation. In a hot market such as Austin, sellers rarely budge from the asking price unless there is a cash offer or it’s in lieu of repairs. A home inspection report can become a powerful negotiation tool if there are several significant repairs to be made. Depending on the situation, an inspection report can be used to negotiate a lower price or in some cases, it can be used to void a contract if agreed upon prior to the inspection.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Consider a home inspection a knowledgeable tool that can detect any issues that may arise in the future. Though the report may come back clean, it could give you insight into the longevity of the appliances and structural elements of your home such as the AC and roofing.

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