Hosting Holiday Gatherings in a Small House

For some, hosting holiday gatherings comes naturally. However, for others, it may be a daunting task where a large guest list doesn’t quite match up with entertaining space. Don’t stress if you’ve volunteered to host friends and family this year but don’t have the space. There are plenty of ways you can transform your home to accommodate a large gathering as well as the large menu you’ll be serving. We’ve put together a list of ways to help open your home this holiday season.

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Make Sure Everyone Has a Seat at the Table… Or at Least a Table

If you don’t have a dining room table large enough to seat everyone, consider rearranging things to open seating up in other areas of the house. If the living room is near the eat-in kitchen, bring the two spaces together so no one feels left out. Mix and match chairs and utilize what you have.

Get Creative When Serving

A great way to avoid crowded tabletops is to serve food on tiered platters or arrange several dishes on one large platter. Instead of a cluttered bar, create a signature cocktail for the evening and serve from a drink dispenser or pitcher. Here is one of our favorite large-batch holiday drinks to serve to guests.

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Comfort & Convenience are key 

A house full of guests with the oven on all day can really heat things up. Keep houseguests comfortable by setting the heat a little lower than you normally would or open windows and patio doors. Avoid having guests rummage for things by keeping the essentials in plain sight. Have dishware readily available and choose a central area for a trash bin or two. Instead of blaring overhead lights, utilize lamps, candles and natural light for a more comfortable ambiance.

Although you may not have the biggest house on the block, with these tips you can easily transform your space to comfortably host a holiday gathering.