Design Must-Haves When Remodeling or Building a Home

A move-in ready home can be hard to resist, however, there are many benefits associated with buying a fixer-upper or building a home. We’ve gathered some of the biggest perks of designing your own home that will forever change the way you look at fixer-uppers.


A common realization amongst homebuyers in metro-areas is, “where will all of our stuff fit?” When purchasing a move-in ready home you can be limited to the available storage space. However, when you remodel or build a custom home, you are able to incorporate functional storage areas throughout the house that meet your needs. Examples include adding extra linen closets, a larger pantry or a nook under the staircase. If you’re someone who likes to have a place for everything, built-in cabinets are a great way to add extra storage, especially in a mudroom or study.

Dream Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, then you understand the heartbreak of moving into a home with a less than useful kitchen and dining area. A poorly designed kitchen can be a dealbreaker when searching for a home. When remodeling or building a home, the kitchen is often a space that receives the most money and attention to detail. Details such as double ovens, an extra freezer, deep drawers for storing larger items below counter tops and a pot-filler are all great amenities to consider when in the market for a move-in ready home.

Make It Yours

Aside from all of the functional benefits of remodeling and building, simply putting your own touch on the property makes your home unique. Examples include incorporating custom windows to allow more natural light, a window sill reading nook, or ample wall space in long hallways for hanging artwork. Built-in shelving in closets is a great way to bring functionality and design together as it both neatly houses your belongings while beautifully displaying items.

When designing a home there are infinite ways to incorporate elements that will make it all your own. Although the simplicity of a move-in ready home can be appealing, investing the time, money, and energy into remodeling or building a house is always a great option for those looking to get the most out of their home.
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