There are several great ways to add color and brighten up a home, but it can be difficult to know which methods will work best in your space. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ways to brighten and refresh almost any home this summer.

The Power of Rugs

A large colorful rug in a living room or patterned runner in a hallway is an easy way to brighten up your home.The addition of color and texture to a room adds depth to the space and helps perk it up. Depending on the other décor in your home, rugs are also a great way to incorporate patterns.

Updating Lightbulbs

Dull light bulbs can have a dramatic affect on the brightness of a room. Updating light bulbs to a cooler color tone or even a “true white” bulb will give the rooms a new and fresher feel. For areas such as the kitchen, we recommend swaping to LED bulbs which rarely need to be replaced and emit a bright white hue.


Mirrors and mirrored furniture are a great way to bring light into a space. We recommend hanging a large decorative mirror on the wall or incorporating mirrored furniture such as a coffee table or end table. Although we love this unique trend, be careful not to over do it, a little mirror goes a long way.

Add White

A great way to add more light is by adding white elements into your home. We recommend incorporating white curtains, furniture or bedding to create a bright and airy space.  White paint is also a great way to open up a space and make it seem larger. If your space is lacking color, stick to an accent wall or decorative pieces to avoid weighing down the room.

Scale Down on Furnishings

An overcrowded house full of unnecessary furnishings can leave your home feeling smaller and possibly dark. We recommend minimizing the number of decorative elements on your walls and removing any unnecessary clutter. This is a great way to instantly transform your home into a lighter and brihter space.

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