Austin’s charm lies in its ability to appeal to residents of all ages. With so many unique neighborhoods and levels of activity to choose from, it is easy to find an area of the city that matches your lifestyle and needs. As children begin to fly the coop, the hunt for the perfect neighborhood for retiring begins. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite neighborhoods perfect for retirement. 


If seeking urban amenities at your doorstep, begin your search in downtown Austin. With dozens of restaurants, shops, workout studios, and luxury living options you’ll have everything at your fingertips to stay active and entertained. Downtown is also a great option for those looking to minimize their home maintenance.

Barton Hills for parks and rec

For those looking to escape the bustle of the city but stay within close proximity for a day out, Barton Hills is the ideal neighborhood. With numerous options to get outside and enjoy Austin’s natural beauty, Barton Hills is perfect for anyone seeking a serene, laid-back community. 

Old West Austin

For the best of both worlds, consider Old West Austin. With several trails, dining options, and outdoor spaces surrounding, this quaint neighborhood has plenty to keep you active year-round. It’s central location also offers dozens of local shops on North Lamar and surrounding streets. 

Looking to downsize? Call Roxan Coffman Properties to speak to our team of experts today to explore each of these Austin neighborhoods to discover which will be the best fit during your retirement.