With summer underway and what feels like the first normal holiday since the start of 2020, we are here to give you all the tips and inspiration to bring friends and family back together and celebrate our independence this Fourth of July. With the festivities falling on a Sunday this year, what better way to celebrate than in the comfort of your own home? Below is a list of some favorite ways to open up your home and backyard to those you love this Fourth of July.



It is important to set up your outdoor space to allow your guests to feel comfortable to sit or stand wherever they choose. Get creative and incorporate indoor furniture to your backyard where needed, to provide more seating for your guests to sit back and enjoy one another’s company. As temperatures continue to rise, it is always appreciated to have as much shade as possible, use umbrellas or tents, and provide fans to keep your guests cool. Don’t forget, an enjoyable playlist for all ages and a speaker to add to the liveliness of your event – one of our personal favorites is Ina Garten’s “Summer Playlist” on spotify.


Amplify your outdoor space by setting up festive decorations that are both for show and interactive. A great way to do this is purchasing mini American flags that you can put in vases as centerpieces. These can also be used as props in the pictures you will be taking. If you have a pool, throw in some fun floats that encourage people to get in, and don’t forget to have a basket full of beach towels on the side so guests can dry off after they’ve taken a dip.


What is a Fourth of July backyard celebration without a couple burgers and hot dogs? A great way to entertain your guests is by preparing a BBQ that allows everyone to be involved and customize what they wish to eat. By creating a table of condiments, chips and sides, and festive plates and disposable  eating utensils, your guests will feel invited to eat and drink comfortably.


In addition to food, it is important to keep your guests hydrated during this summer heat by setting up a non-alcoholic beverage station, whether it be a refreshing cucumber or lemon water, lemonade, or iced tea. To-go alcohol is now permanently legal in the state of Texas and is the perfect opportunity to support local businesses during the holiday. Whether you want to enjoy a half gallon of Matt’s El Rancho’s famous knockout margarita or provide individual pouched cocktails from Sawyer&Co, a decked out beverage station will enhance your guests’ home party experience.


The city of Austin hosts an annual firework show over Lady Bird Lake that is available for all to see and a great way to keep your guests entertained. If you live a little further away and are unable to view these fireworks from your home, there are many firework stands you can visit throughout the greater Austin area to grab easy entertainment. Whether it be sparklers in the backyard or a full show for all the neighbors to see, don’t miss out on the sales and excitement these stores will bring.

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