highrise living

Austin is rapidly growing, and it seems to be in one direction – up. On almost every corner you’ll find a new luxury highrise condo building towering over the city while offering elite views and amenities. As property prices continue to increase, these vertical living options are becoming more appealing to buyers. With so much to offer highrise living can seem perfect, but there are some things to consider before buying your piece of the Austin skyline. 

Highrise living is ideal for buyers who are comfortable with living in a smaller space than a traditional home would offer. We would recommend considering a condo if you are looking to downsize, are a young couple, or have yet to start or family/have one child. Keep in mind that a highrise building will offer unbeatable views but it will not offer additional space when you begin to outgrow it. 

Luxury highrise buildings are known for their unmatched amenities such as rooftop pools, gyms with spa-like locker rooms, and co-working and lounge spaces. All of these are great assets, and in most cases, all a young professional or older couple looking to downsize will need. However, before taking the plunge into highrise living, remember that these are all shared spaces and will not offer the same privacy that a home would. 

Although the shared amenities in a highrise condo may not offer much privacy, you may find that your unit itself does. Secured entryways, private balcony, and soundproofed walls and ceilings all offer an additional sense of security and privacy. 

Highrise living is not ideal for everyone so it is important to consider the factors that will impact your daily lifestyle. Ready to make a vertical move? Call Roxan Coffman Properties today to speak with our team of experts and tour available properties today.