As the leaves begin to fall and the weather becomes a little cooler, we have an urge to create a warm and inviting space to come home to each day. Fall creates a wonderful opportunity to host gatherings with friends and family, full of laughter and warmth. Whether it be small additions to your home, like blankets or a fresh coat of paint, or making those open floor plans a little more intimate, the Roxan Coffman Properties team has compiled some of our favorite ways to introduce 2021 home trends with the Fall season. 

Fabrics and Texture

One of the growing trends in 2021 is the desire to be different, while still creating an inviting and relaxing space. Make your home your own by adding a variety of different blankets and pillows to your furniture or placing them in open baskets. By doing this, your guests will feel comfortable to bundle up as if they were in their own home. Combining this form of comfort with texture to your walls using wallpaper, this year’s biggest home trend and comeback, creates a visual that shows sophistication and effort you put into your space. Lastly, brass hardware offers an elegant touch to your rooms and enhances the warmth of your home. 

Bring the Outdoors In

To us, the best part about the Fall season is the changing colors and the cool breeze that comes with it. By embracing the changes happening outside, we can incorporate this crispness in the air by simply opening up our windows and allowing the natural light and breeze to fill the space. Integrate the outdoors by placing plants, such as a fiddle fern or a spider plant, throughout your home. This addition will boost your mood, creativity, concentration, and add to the overall comfort of any room. 

Partitions and Room Dividers

Since the pandemic, many formal living spaces have turned into homework and work stations and that need for privacy is now a necessity. 2020 has proven that our homes are no longer revolving around open-floor plans and formal spaces for hosting, but rather focusing on functionality. Simply transforming larger spaces into more intimate and secluded areas using larger pieces of furniture and partitions will create an environment that does not seem as public.