The New Year traditionally helps us hit pause and evaluate changes we want to make in ourselves. Typically, people will set fitness or wellness goals but this year we challenge you to also focus your ambitions on your home. Do you have a list of projects you’ve been putting off or interior design trends you’ve been wanting to try? Below are some of our favorite home resolution ideas to help inspire you in 2020.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency has long been at the forefront of home design. Not only is it ideal when decreasing your monthly utility bills, but it is also important to be conscious and proactive about your home’s carbon footprint. With dozens of Energy Star rated appliances, building materials, and even electronics available it is easier now more than ever to reduce your home’s energy consumption. 

Bring Your Home Into The New Decade

Though it can be expensive to complete an overhaul of your entire home, the New Year is a great time to evaluate the things that you’d like to replace or refurbish. Start by creating a list ranked by priority and checking things off when you are able to. We also recommend alternating between large and small projects to take it easy on your budget and give you time to find the perfect pieces for your home. 

Design With Entertainment In Mind

A great way to prioritize spending more time with family and friends in the New Year is to be prepared to host guests at your home. By designing your home with company in mind, you may find yourself feeling more inclined to host a dinner party or spur of the moment after party. We recommend arranging furniture so it’s oriented in conversation groups rather than simply facing the TV, having an extra set of cocktail glasses and a few bar cart staples on hand, and keeping the guest bedroom ready for unplanned guests. 

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