It goes without saying that 2020 has been the year that nobody saw coming. After more than six months of working from home, social distancing, and virtual schooling all of us have found ourselves more homebound than ever before. As a result of this lifestyle shift, many of us have made adjustments to our home in order to meet our day to day needs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our lifestyles have reshaped how we use and design our homes.

The Home Office

When working from home became the new norm earlier this year many people were faced with the reality that their home’s current “office” situation was not sustainable for the long-term. Although most found ways to embrace areas throughout their home to grant everyone a designated work station, some saw this as an opportunity to invest in their home office set up. Although we will likely all be back in the office sooner than later, many people are choosing to work from home more permanently and see the benefit of having the configuration for a home office when marketing their home down the road. A trend we’ve seen is homeowners eliminating a guest bedroom to convert it into a home office for one or more people. We’ve also seen libraries or studies converted into more permanent work areas. 


At the start of the pandemic, most establishments were closed or take-out only leaving us to scramble for ways to entertain ourselves at home. Even as restaurants began to re-open, some of us still had health concerns and felt more comfortable staying in and hosting guests for socially distanced happy hours. Most homes have some sort of bar set up ranging from a decorative cart or cabinet to a designated built-in as well as space for entertaining guests. However, with social distancing guidelines, many homeowners began to look at how they host company through a new lens. Front and back yard gatherings became a staple with chairs spaced 6-ft apart. Birthday parties, holidays, and other group gatherings became much more intimate. Overall, how we safely host guests has reshaped how we use and design the entertainment areas of our homes. Although things will one day return to normal, we may now find ourselves with a reconfigured outdoor space or dining room to better suit our entertainment needs. 

Playroom to Pre-School

The concept of a playroom is not new, and in most homes where space allows it, it is common. However, with many children still attending school virtually parents are finding it necessary to designate an area in their home for their children to play and attend school. Although this design trend is not as permanent, we are still seeing an increasing number of homeowners eliminating a guest bedroom or study and reassigning it as a school area or playroom for their children. This is not something that would necessarily affect marketing the home down the road but does show buyers that the home is spacious or flexible enough to accommodate any buyer’s needs. 

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