Looking Sharp: What’s Trending in 2018 Interior Design

In 2018 Pantone’s color of the year, ultraviolet, is impacting interior design, with other trends ranging from florals to matte black finishes. Whether you’ve been thinking about a design update or want to remodel your Austin home to look more attractive to buyers, consider incorporating these most prevalent trends of 2018 interior design.


Floral designs have been on the radar and are only getting bigger. High-contrast colors like teal and gold plus pastels are showing up in drapery, chairs, throw pillows, sofas, and wall art. These graphic prints make a statement while keying into the prevailing trend flooding the market.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are taking over kitchens and bathrooms, with a move away from shiny silvers and golds. Plus, Pinterest’s report on the 100 top trends to try in 2018 says mixed metal pins are up 423 percent this year.

Modern, eclectic choices like hammered copper and black nickel fixtures are matched to chrome faucets, matte tile backsplash, and natural stones like marble. Furniture and décor as well as wallpapers and lighting are affected by this movement towards simplicity through mixing metals in differing tones and finishes.

Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams

Bolder Colors

Spaces from living rooms to kitchens are moving forward with bolder colors. A rise in dark navy, sage, and charcoal meld neutrals and stronger hues for excellent cohesion.

Colors of the year, Pantone’s ultraviolet and Sherwin-Williams’ oceanside, speak to the jewel tones that are growing in popularity as well. Color palettes are also being taken over by richer, earthy colors like burnt orange, rust, and tobacco.

Casual and Calm Modern Comfort Spaces

Minimalism continues to be a strong 2018 trend, with modern, calm comfy spaces and more cost-saving, functional items expanding. Wabi-sabi, a Japanese style of decorating, is also within this trend: a whimsical yet upscale style that favors rustic character and charm.

Wabi-sabi incorporates more authentic items such as eclectic handmade ceramics, personal items, and products made from recycled or natural materials into the design. Relaxing areas in this style include fabrics like velvet and functional pieces that are simple and subtle. For areas with this design, the main focus is on the experience you have while in the space.

Photo Credit: Darden Design Group

Matte Black

Matte black not only compliments different materials, but is durable, versatile, and easy to clean. Demand here comes from matte black’s ability to command attention or blend in depending on how it’s organized within the interior design scheme.

Appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and soft goods are embracing this color, as designers can utilize it for small items like drawer handles to large pieces like refrigerators to give the ideal amount of matte black into the scheme.

Mixed Patterns, Textures, and Sheens

Blending styles and materials, this trend layers textures with patterns and shine to create rooms that are visually interesting yet not overdone. For example, a multicolored statement rug cut in an unusual shape paired to patterned chairs and pillows, and textural artwork with a bit of sheen on the walls. Balancing the right combination of these three items is delicate, but when it’s done right, it makes the design easily standout.

Photo credit: Murphy Deesign

What trends are you incorporating into your Austin home’s design this year? Is there something trending that surprised you? Reach out on our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know!