home renovations

Before putting your house on the market it’s important to put your home’s best foot forward. When deciding which home renovations to make you should always consider which will provide the most bang for your buck. We’ve gathered a list of the top home renovations to add value to your sale.

Kitchen Remodel

With today’s standard open-concept floorplans, kitchens have become the heart of the home. It is especially important to make appropriate updates and improvements before listing. Although you want to make a noticeable improvement, it is vital to not overdo your efforts. Kitchen remodels can quickly become astronomical and if the updates outshine the remainder of the home the space will end up feeling out of place and incohesive. We recommend keeping things simple and starting by upgrading dated appliances and refinishing worn cabinetry. 

Update Flooring 

One of the key benefits of remodeling is that your home looks polished, clean and up to date. An element that is often overlooked during remodeling that greatly impacts all three of these factors is flooring. Replacing carpet, dated tile, or restaining worn hardwood floors can add immense value and appeal to a home. This project may fall on the heavier side of the home improvement scale, but it is an element of remodeling that almost certainly will show a return.

Energy-Efficient Windows / Insulation 

Any Texas homeowner will understand the importance of good insulation during the summer and winter months. If you live in an older home that has original or dated windows and limited insulation this is a great place to begin the remodeling process. Homebuyers will typically request to see how energy efficient your home is during peak hot and cold months and new/improved insulation can drastically improve your ratings. Although new windows can quickly become expensive, adding insulation to your attic or walls can be achieved at a relatively low cost. 

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