Tips for Selling & Moving with Pets

Selling a home and preparing to move can be a stressful time for all parties involved, especially when you own pets. Although you may think your furry friends are great house company, potential buyers may not. If you are a pet owner there are important steps you should take to prepare your home to sell and to make your move as simple as possible.

Moving with Pets











Before you put your house on the market:
  • Repair any damage such as scratched doors or chewed baseboards
  • Remove pet odors and stains and clean up the yard
    • Have a neighbor or friend do a sniff test to make sure there are no traces of pet odor
  • Remove extra pet clutter
    • This includes food bowls, toys, litter boxes, photos, etc.
  • Temporarily relocate or remove pets during showings
    • If you can’t do either, make sure the pets are kenneled with a sign informing agents and buyers not to disturb them
Moving Day:
  • Retrieve vet records if moving out of the area and update pets’ tags/microchips with new addresses
  • Keep pets away from the action on moving day
    • Ask a neighbor or friend to keep your pet or consider boarding your pet for the day. If you can’t do either, keep your pet kenneled and in a safe area.
  • Pack an overnight bag with the essentials
    • Keep a few days supply of food, treats, and toys to prevent from rummaging through packed boxes
  • Acclimate your pets to their new home
    • Once the movers leave, bring your pet in to sniff every nook and cranny of their new home and yard so that they feel comfortable

Moving with pets














Following these steps can significantly improve the marketability of your home and make moving day stress-free for everyone. Here is a list of the 2018’s Best Dog Boarders in Austin to consider before your upcoming move.