After several years in real estate, I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of homes. There is the house where the garage acts as an extension of the home with seamless organization methods and ample room for recreational activity and there is the house where the garage is overflowing with several decades of belongings and requires a map to navigate. Garage organization can be a large task to tackle, but with a solid plan and the proper tools, it can be accomplished. We’ve gathered a few tried and true organization methods that can make cleaning your garage a breeze. 

Splurge On An Organization System

When organizing a space, there is nothing more essential than having ample cabinetry and shelf space for storage. The garage is no exception. Now is the time to splurge on tool organization systems, mounted shelving and cabinetry. We recommend hiring a professional to help establish which systems will work best for your storage needs in order to utilize every inch of space. 

Organize By Accessibility 

Something to keep in mind when making an organization gameplan is how often you will need access to an item. A great way to ensure things stay tidy is by making it simple to return an item to its proper home. For example, holiday decorations are only accessed once a year and can be stored in higher up or harder to reach places. However, common tools, bicycles, and suitcases are utilized more frequently and should be easy to access. 

Keep It Clean

Something to consider when revamping your garage is incorporating elements that can be easily cleaned and maintained. This includes choosing a durable flooring material (we recommend epoxy) and cabinetry that is not prone to rust or paint chips.  If you design your garage to be easy to maintain, chances are you’ll maintain it. 

Each garage should be designed to meet the homeowner’s needs and ultimately acts as a reflection of a person’s interests and hobbies. Some are filled floor to ceiling with fishing gear and others have small woodworking tools neatly tucked away. There is no right or wrong way to organize your space, all that matters is that it is able to be utilized and live up to its full potential as an extension of your home. 

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