Home Tips and Trends: Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping

Summer is almost here and what better way to spruce up your home than by starting with your backyard! Below is a list of home tips and trends for landscaping and outdoor spaces:

The Perfect Patio

Chic yet comfortable outdoor living spaces are a must in Texas. Whether you are going for a backyard oasis or a gorgeous garden, creating a space with ambiance and a vacation-like setting will take your home’s atmosphere to the next level. To revamp your space choose an outdoor patio or entertainment theme that blends well with your homes current interior décor. Play up spaces with natural shade to beat the Texas heat and choose furnishings and design elements that compliment your style and current landscaping. Incorporating bright whites or neutral tones, comfortable furnishings and an area for al fresco dining will transform your backyard.

Home patio

Lush Landscaping

Currently, succulent plants and sustainable landscaping are all the rage in Texas. Enhancing your landscape with succulents not only incorporates greenery into your backyard but also cuts out the hassle of constant upkeep. Succulents do not require as much water as other plant varieties and create a modern and contemporary look. If wanting more of a traditional landscaping route, enhance your outdoor space with floral pops of color. Plants such as bougainvilleas, lantana and plumbago require minimum upkeep and are perfect for the summer weather.

Home garden

Elevated Elements

If searching for extra elements to add to your outdoor retreat, try playing with geometric lawn designs to add dimension to your space. Incorporate colorful tiles into your patio flooring or patterns into the fabric of your patio furniture. Add creative landscape lighting to dramatically transform your home’s exterior. Stringing lights throughout the trees, adding pathway lighting to your pool or patio and installing outdoor wall sconces are all great ways to illuminate your space.

Home patio