Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents: Easy And Effective Tips

Let’s face it, simply having a website and e-newsletter is not enough in this day and age to be competitive on the inter-web. Digital marketing and social media are at the forefront of mediums used to generate brand awareness for real estate agents. Below is a list of easy and effective digital marketing tips for real estate agents that can be implemented in order to be competitive:

Moving To Mobile

According to NAR’s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report, 72% of homebuyers now use a mobile device to look for a home. If you are not generating brand awareness on a platform homebuyers are constantly frequenting, it may be time to get on board. It is important to effectively place your brand and business where potential clients are spending their time most.  Make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that your contact information is easily accessible in your website’s mobile display.

digital marketing for real estate agents

Capture Potential Clients

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are essential when it comes to growing brand awareness and expanding your businesses’ audience. Video is a highly  effective digital marketing tool and the future of social so it is key to incorporate video footage across all social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to showcase current listings and show off your  cutting edge digital marketing capabilities.

Reputation Is Key

A marketing study conducted by Invesp found that people are 90% more likely to trust a word of mouth referral than an advertisement. How does this play into effective digital marketing you may ask? Once someone refers a friend to a business or brand, the first action they typically take is to google search the business or brand and check out customer reviews. This being said, it is important to ask satisfied customers to review and rate your real estate firm across all social media platforms, on google and on your website, if offered. Digital reviews not only boost your reputation but also help boost website SEO and social media engagement.